About Us

Natural TLC Skincare - Handmade By Bernice Lown

About Us


Natural TLC Skincare is a small scale business, run by it's founder Bernice Lown.

It is based in Bangor, a beautiful maritime resort on the County Down coast of Northern Ireland.

Our aim is to produce, natural, simple and affordable skincare using ingredients that nature has provided. 

We have been working, researching & producing natural skin care products for 15 years.

Bernice Lown is a qualified Aromatherapist and uses her knowledge to choose essential oils to promote health & well being.

From the amazing landscapes and culture here in Northern Ireland we have drawn inspiration in creating our unique artisan soaps. The Causeway soap being one of our favourites.


We are conscious of the effect we have as consumers on the environment, so, we package our products with a minimalist approach, no throwaway boxes, just the product in the jar.