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Review of Eco Lip Balms.

Hello, I lived in Belfast two years ago and bought one of your lip balms. Its only going empty just now, which is very good I think. I just wanted to let you know that your lip balm was the best I ever had and your doing a great Job!  Regards, Wiebke

Review of Artisan Soaps
Hi Natural TLC Skin Care,
I am Duong Vo and I have received my order today. Thank you so much and they smell very nice. I start using your product this February and it not only makes my skin better but it becomes a part of my TLC routine in the morning. I used to stay in Belfast and I am currently a Postgraduate Research student at Surrey. Washing my face every morning with your soap renews myself. Thank you and please keep up your good work and products.
Have a great day.
Best regards,
Duong Vo.

Review on Rescue Salve 17th April 2022
"I bought a pot of this when I was in Belfast last week. Literally 2 days applying it once a day and the skin on my hands had started healing. One week in and they're complelty healed, great product"