Natural TLC Skincare - Handmade By Bernice Lown


A wee hug in a box🐦 with a note card included.

Image of A wee hug in a box🐦 with a note card included.

This little box will bring such joy & happiness, as soon as the recipient opens the package.
The little essential oil scented bag will burst with either uplifting Geranium or relaxing Lavender.
New Calendula Wee Hug in a Box🌻
Hot Chocolate Wee Hug in a Box ☕

A cute little box contains a Natural soap, Eco Lipbalm, a little scented bag of botanicals and a hand crafted wooden "wee hug", made locally.
Now we include a beautiful little note card to include your own message or ask us to write it for you!
Please provide the message and full details of the recipient in the notes and instructions at checkout.
Other options are available that do not have a scented bag of botanicals, they have a Natural Clay Face Mask. These options are £13.50
Please have a browse in the options.